• Thin And Filled

    An Amazing Belgian thin Chocolate Filled with delicious different Fillings that will melt in your mouth

  • Rose Chocolate Box

    Our special rounded rose box is a great opportunity to taste real chocolate roses of dark and milk chocolate, filled with delicious ingredients and presented in a soft white and pink box for your sweetest gifts!

  • Petit Beurre

    A Smooth and creamy combination of Chocolate & Biscuts Cream. The Box contain collection of 3 flavours Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Gold Chocolate

  • Customized Boxes

    Luxury chocolate molded in your chosen shape and customized with your name or logo, presented in a collection of fancy, leather and wooden boxes printed upon your requirements.

  • Macarons

    Indulge your self in colorful and delicious flavored bostani macaron collection.

  • Luxury Brussels

    The Bostani Brussels collection is a unique collection of contemporary cut ganache squares with creative flavor combinations.

  • Luxury Chocolate Hearts

    Small chocolate heart in a luxury rose box containing real rose, last for 3 years.

  • Truffles Chocolate

    Bostani sumptuous truffles are enriched with new flavors. We offer an assortment of truffles with luscious taste and flavors.


Customized Chocolates

Shaped Chocolate for your Occasions promotional chocolates that can be carved into your company's logo making them great advertising tools or any names special events. The chocolate Fillings are available in Nuts and Biscuits.