Terms & Conditions

The data and the specification of this order is the client’s responsibility, and Bostani Chocolate company will not take any responsibility resulted of a mistake therein.

The order will not be handed without the barcode part on the ticket, or in case of direct instruction from the main client.

Bostani Chocolate & Gifts has the right to use a sample of the order in their own brochure, posters, and advertisers.

Any change of the data or the specification of the order will not be accepted after 24 hours from its signature.

Bostani Chocolate & Gifts are not responsible of the order after received by the client and left the shop.

If there are any suggestions, comments or complaints please send an email to the customer service: Customercare@bostani.be

Orders delivered within less than two days cannot be modified

Prior to final confirmation of the Product order, the Customer shall state that he has read and agrees with the Terms & Conditions. by checking the box