• Eid collection of luxury trays

    A luxurious assortment of trays and dishes packed with the finest types of luxury Belgian chocolate with Eid phrases and different flavors to satisfy all tastes

  • Eid Star Box

    We present to you Eid Star Box that are full of life. Delightful design for both children and adults, for you to enjoy with your family or friends.

  • Thin And Filled Bag

    A delicate Belgian chocolate brimming with delight to thrill your senses with extravagance. Uncover your palate !

  • Truffles With Sea Salt Caramel

    Our Bostani truffles are delicately shaped, enhanced by the inclusion of sea salted caramel and coated with dark chocolate, milk chocolate and Ruby chocolate, arranged in an elegant metal box of 8 morsels of delights!

  • Rose Box Collection

    Rose Box Collection

  • Bostani kids

    Bostani Kids collection is amazing to give our children a nice smile with a designed products specially for them and great belgium chocolate .


Customized Chocolates

Shaped Chocolate for your Occasions promotional chocolates that can be carved into your company's logo making them great advertising tools or any names special events. The chocolate Fillings are available in Nuts and Biscuits.