• Customize National Day Collection

    At Bostani, we firmly believe that there is no love greater than the love for one's homeland. With this in mind, we bring forth an exceptional range of national-themed offerings, meticulously crafted to eloquently convey the pride and reverence that reside within you. This assortment embodies the essence of magnificence and heritage in a dignified manner that truly befits the occasion.

  • National Day Box Collection

    bostani conveys your sentiments through an array of exceptional and specially crafted arrangements that coincide with national occasions. Share with your loved ones the profound pride and reverence for the Kingdom's history and present as you partake in these unique distributions.

  • Signature Collection Box

    Bostani’s new distinctive box is the most elegant way to express feelings of love and appreciation.

  • Bostani Chocolate For School

    Add Joy to Your Child's School Day By Gifting Him Our Special Chocolate Boxes For This Occasion

  • Luxurious Boxes

    Our most elegant Leathered boxes contains charming delicious milk chocolate with delicious fillings of biscuits and nuts. It's the perfect gift for those you care about.

  • Saudi Heritage Boxes

    A special chocolate box with a Saudi touch, featuring four cups that represent the kingdom. Inside, you'll find luxurious chocolates filled with different flavors, packed with warm patriotic feelings that express your pride in your identity and history .

  • Mug And Finjan Collection

    A special gift box honoring the day the Saudi kingdom was constituted and the dawn of its glories, packed with two elegant cups and pieces of fine chocolate crafted to be customized to your order.


Customized Chocolates

Shaped Chocolate for your Occasions promotional chocolates that can be carved into your company's logo making them great advertising tools or any names special events. The chocolate Fillings are available in Nuts and Biscuits.